If you are interested in giving a presentation or sitting on an expert panel at RCN Conference 2023, please fill out the application below to be considered. There are limited speaking and panelist spots available.

RCN Guest Shannon Conaway

Shannon Conaway

Chief Executive Officer

RCN Guest Rachel Druckenmiller

Rachel Druckenmiller

Facilitator & Leadership Trainer

RCN Guest Madison Galloway

Madison Galloway

BIM/VDC Coordinator

RCN Guest Kirk Marple

Kirk Marple

Founder & CEO

RCN Guest Kipp Ivey

Kipp Ivey

Senior Business Development Manager

RCN Guest Silviu Stoian

Silviu Stoian


RCN Guest Noah Johnson

Noah Johnson

Senior Business Development

RCN Guest Brett Settles

Brett Settles

Global Director of Customer Success

RCN Guest David Morczinek

David Morczinek

Co-Founder and CEO

RCN Guest Krisjan Hiner

Krisjan Hiner

Senior Director Business Line Manager

RCN Guest Morgan Drivas

Morgan Drivas

VDC Field Manager

RCN Guest Ivy Frank

Ivy Frank

Field Technology Engineer

RCN Guest Lori Peery

Lori Peery

Director of Construction Technology

RCN Guest Nayda Venizelos

Nayda Venizelos

Digital Modeler

RCN Guest Cameron Schaefer

Cameron Schaefer

Transportation Data Acquisition & Reality Mesh Director

RCN Guest Larry Kleinkemper

Larry Kleinkemper

Chief Technology Officer

RCN Guest Katie Hoff

Katie Hoff

Co-Founder & Public Speaker

RCN Guest Constanza Scholl

Constanza Scholl

BIM Manager

RCN Guest Jon Adams

Jon Adams

Director of 3D Reality Capture

RCN Guest Jeff Miller

Jeff Miller

Director of Marketing

RCN Guest Joshua Rayburn

Joshua Rayburn

Business Manager (US & CAN) - Reality Capture

RCN Guest Sam Dougherty

Sam Dougherty

Vice President

RCN Guest Sarah Hoffmann

Sarah Hoffmann

Global Technical Services

Zachary Wassenberg

Director of Products & Strategy

RCN Guest Dustin Ridley

Dustin Ridley

SW Region VDC Leader

RCN Guest Adam Kersnowski

Adam Kersnowski


RCN Guest Jade Meskill

Jade Meskill

Vice President of Product

RCN Guest Logan McGuinness

Logan McGuinness

VDC Manager

RCN Guest J. Daniel Jenkins

J. Daniel Jenkins

President & Owner

RCN Guest Simon Bae

Simon (Seockhoon) Bae

Founder & CEO

RCN Guest Shaun Lewis

Shaun Lewis

Mid Atlantic Geomatics Manager

RCN Guest Kyle Daughtry

Kyle Daughtry

Digital Reality (3D and XR) Capability Architect

RCN Guest Albion Shabani

Albion Shabani

Tech Leader

RCN Guest Kevin Grover

Kevin Grover

Head of Product

RCN Guest Jennifer Lastra

Jennifer Lastra

CEO and Co-Founder

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Your Application Has Been Submitted Successfully

Thank you for your interest in participating in R CON 2024! The RCN team will review your application and will reach out to you directly if you are approved to move forward as a presenter or panelist.